Disaster preparedness, safety training and security assessment

OTDA periodically contracts with specialists in building security and personal safety to conduct workshops or specific site assessments for State and Local District organizations. We also seek expertise in disaster planning and emergency preparedness. Consultants should be familiar with State Emergency Management (SEMO) guidelines, Hazmat and Toxic Substance Laws, and chemical and biological agents. Skills would include report writing and policy development as relating to evacuation, bomb threats and fire safety. A strong background in incident management and implementing emergency response protocols is required.

The qualified consultant must have a demonstrated record of implementing security precautions ranging from low-cost/high impact to significant redesign. The consultant must have training and writing skills and possess the ability to work comfortably with a wide range of staff, including those at Commissioner-level. Consultants will be required to submit written briefing reports of their interventions.

We also seek expertise in worker safety training. Consultants should possess the expertise to train investigators, eligibility workers and social workers on how to avoid, control and defuse potentially dangerous confrontations with clients. Experience or curriculum should address Safety on the Road while conducting home visits and investigations, Office Safety in conducting interviews and Violence in the Workplace.