How long will this take?
The application process will take at least 15-20 minutes, depending on how extensive your application is.

Can I save my qualification application and return to it later?
No. Incomplete qualification applications cannot be saved in the RFQ system. You will need to complete it in one sitting. If you get disconnected from the internet or if you are inactive on the site for a long period of time you may be logged out of the RFQ site and lose your application progress. Therefore, we encourage applicants to type and save their answers into a separate program and to use the copy-and-paste functions to enter their text into the RFQ application.

Can I copy and paste to narrative sections in an application?
Yes. If you would like to use existing information we recommend you copy and paste your information into the narrative sections of your application.

I made a mistake, can I edit some of the information I have entered?
No, once an application has been submitted you will not be able to edit the information.

I have already submitted an application and I discovered that I need to add or edit some information. What can I do?
Once an application has been submitted, that application CAN NOT be edited. A new application MUST be SUBMITTED. Email the Systems Administrator at rfqhelp@oswego.edu. They will delete your old submission and notify you when you may resubmit your new application.

I have submitted my application. Do I need to contact anyone and when can I expect to hear a decision?
Application submissions that are received are reviewed in the following month. Once the Review Team has reviewed your application and a decision has been made your status will be changed from pending to QUALIFIED or NOT QUALIFIED and you will be notified through our new database system.

I have been QUALIFIED. When will I receive opportunities to bid on projects?
Specific program areas and work are solicited from OTDA several times per year. If services are being sought for a program area in which you are qualified then you will be automatically notified via our new database RFQ system.

I received notification that I was NOT QUALIFIED. When can I update my application and resubmit?
A new application can be submitted 6 months after the date that the application status was determined NOT QUALIFIED.