Effective writing, editing and analysis of written material

Work includes developing and delivering training on writing, editing and analysis of written material, as well as instructing and consulting on written communications topics. Qualified consultants must have demonstrated prior experience teaching courses on written communications. They must demonstrate proficiency in basic writing and grammar skills and be able to present ideas clearly, accurately and concisely in a written format. They must be able to analyze written material, apply logical reasoning, and reach sound conclusions from data and information presented.

In addition to being knowledgeable on the subject of written communications, Qualified consultants will be able to effectively convey this knowledge to others. Strong verbal communication and presentation skills, therefore, are critical. In addition to teaching experience, previous employment in jobs that involve writing, editing and analysis of a wide variety of written material (e.g., memos, letters, reports, RFP’s, contracts, press releases, hearing notes, speeches, policy manuals, newsletters, etc.) is preferred.